Implant Data Vault™ is the premiere online application for managing your Dental Implant, Procedure, Surgeon and Patient data. All in one place…


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What is iDV

Implant Data Vault is an internet-based e-commerce data management website, solely dedicated to secure Patient Implant information storage.

All of your Patients Implant data easily at hand on the Internet, any time, anywhere.

No hassle with paper charts or clunky inadequate practice management attempts at storing your Implant information.

Why Use iDV

  • iDV makes Implant data storage convenient. Implant Data Vault securely places all Patient Implant information into one of our state-of-the-art data centers.
  • No media or expensive equipment to buy. And no shuffling through stacks of Patient files to find Patient Implant information.
  • Secure transmission. Implant Data Vault uses the same encryption technology used in online banking and e-commerce transactions.
  • Safe offsite storage. Your Patient Implant data is stored in our highly secure data centers.
  • Because bad things happen to office files. Patient files get misplaced or stored off site. Hard drives crash. Viruses damage or destroy files.

How do I use iDV?

  1. Establish an account for your practice

    Implant Data Vault is an e-commerce website with an account to meet your needs.

  2. Enter unlimited Patient information

    Enter all your Patient Implant information. Whenever you create new Patient files or modify existing ones, the Implant Data Vault program sends encrypted copies of those files over your high-speed Internet connection to an Implant Data Vault data center.

  3. Relax – your Patient Implant data is secure and HIPPA compliant

    Your Patient Implant information is transmitted using secure socket layer (SSL) security technology, and it’s stored at a state-of-the-art data center on highly reliable, redundant disk arrays.

  4. Generate correspondence in a single click

    Quickly generate email and/or hard copy correspondence to referral Doctors in a single click. All the Implant information for an Implant surgery is included in a letter to the referral Doctor.

  5. Remote Access

    Not at your computer? You can access your Patient Implant information from any computer connected to the Internet – or even from your iPhone®, iPad®, Android®. or BlackBerry® smartphone.

Who does iDV benefit?

Implant Surgeons

  • All Patient Implant data is in one easily accessed location for storage, recall and analysis
  • Quickly generate Implant related correspondence to referring Doctors
  • Report analysis of Implants placed and production

Referring Doctors

  • Their Patient Implant information is easily accessible to complete Implant restorations


  • Wherever Patients live or move to, they have all their Implant history immediately accessible by their Implant Surgeon

View or print your Patient Implant data in a few clicks

  • Easily print letters to your Referral Doctors in just a couple of clicks.
  • Essential Implant information from the Implant surgery is included in the letter.
  • A custom letter body is easily composed in the Preference section to be included in each letter.

Other thoughts

How much of your Implant information is not at hand, in some distant Patient file stored up in the attic?

The statistics are staggering: every year 43% of computer users lose irreplaceable files. Dangers lurk around every corner – hard drive crashes, theft, power surges, natural disasters, or accidentally deleting your own files. You need to be aware that losing your most valuable files is a very real possibility. You need to take proper precautions.

Protect yourself with ImplantDataVault.

What does iDV Offer

  • Thousands of implants from which to choose to build a personal custom list of dental implants used on a regular basis.
  • If the implants you place are not in the master list, we will place them there for you.
  • The customized list of implants is then conveniently used to select from on a daily basis.
  • A letter to a referral doctor may be generated with a single of mouse click.
  • Eliminate time consuming mail-merge boiler plate letters.
  • A list of all implants placed for each Patient is easily reviewed or printed.
  • No limit is placed on the number of Patients placed into Implant Data Vault.
  • Place Implant information for previous Patients too, so that their Implant information is conveniently at hand over time.
  • Dental technicians may be granted access to the dental Implant information for use during laboratory procedures.

iDV Features:

  • Customized Implant selection list chosen from thousands of dental implants
  • Automated Implant list for Patient’s surgery information
  • Streamlined letter generation feature to Referral Doctors
  • Printable list of implants placed for any Patient
  • No limit to number of Patients
  • Doctor established access codes for Dental Technicians
  • No more hassle with paper charts or clunky inadequate practice management attempts at storing Patient Implant data
  • Implant Data Vault offers unparalleled Patient data storage and increases office efficiencies
  • HIPPA compliant, Implant Data Vault ensures Patient information safety
  • Now doctors can forget remedial administrative duties and focus on what they enjoy, treating Patients!

All Your Patients with All their Implant Data

  • Place all your Patients and their Implant information into Implant Data Vault.
  • Begin entering your Patient’s information today.
  • You can even enter data from the past to have all your Implant information in one convenient location.

Secure and encrypted HIPAA compliant data

  • Implant Data Vault takes data privacy and security very seriously.
  • Files remain encrypted at our secure data center, so only you can see your files.
  • File security is HIPAA compliant for your ease of mind.

ImplantDataVault gives You

  • Easy access to all your Patient Implant data.
  • Convenient Reports of implants placed by date range.
  • Protection of Accidental Deletion – 43% of people lose irreplaceable files every year.
  • Protection from Disaster – Thousands of files are lost each year to fires, floods, and other disasters on office computers.
  • Office Computer Drive Failure – Up to 13% of hard drives crash in their first year.
  • Unlimited Patient & Implant Data Entry
  • Simple Data Entry
  • Secure and Encrypted HIPAA Compliant
  • Easily Print Letters to Referrals, Reports

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